Cramahe Fire Department Assistant Chief selected for Provincial conference

by Tricia Mason

Assistant Chief Tim Burgess of Cramahe Fire Department has been selected by the Board of Directors for Fire Service Women Ontario to be a presenter at the 2018 Professional Development Symposium in October.

He will be focusing on responding to electrical emergencies.

Fire Chief Brandon Northrup explained how important it is for a team to have different kinds of skills. "Walking into the Cramahe fire department it is almost impossible to find two firefighters who are alike, they are one of a kind," he said. 

"The fact that we have resources such as Burgess and his skill set is certainly attractive. He has a very unique skill set and in addition to that he is a polished trainer and presenter. Having him going to the provincial conference to teach people is certainly assists putting us on the map as I say, as a small community. We are now starting to be recognized due to this." Chief Northrup said about assistant chief Burgess.

Cramahe fire department has a total of 30 firefighters, five of them are female. Between the team they are fluent in five languages, including sign language. Having this kind of a team is very rare, it does not only bring strength but respect to the team in Cramahe.

"Do not be one dimensional. You need to be proactive to bring in something different." Chief Northrup's advice to those wanting to be a part of a fire department. Having someone like assistant chief Burgess teaching new skills will increase the performance of other
firefighters across the province.