Logel steps down again

By Cecilia Nasmith

For a second time, Northumberland County Warden John Logel has announced his intention to step down from his elected duties temporarily

The press release from Northumberland County said the move is effective until further notice in order that Logel can address an on-going personal matter. It is the second such leave for Logel since one of several weeks' duration announced in early June.

Logel has dual elected duties, as Alnwick-Haldimand Township Mayor in addition to his term as county warden.

Alnwick-Haldimand Deputy Mayor Gail Latchford will take on the role of the council's chair, and will also represent her municipality on county council.

In the press release, Latchford extended best wishes to Logel and said council will look forward to working with him upon his return.

“During this time, township council will continue to press forward with current planning and priorities to ensure on-going progress in fulfilling our commitments to the community for this term,” she added.

Logel's intention is to step down from the warden's position for the remainder of the 2019 term, in order to ensure on-going seamless operations. In his stead, Councillor Bob Crate (Mayor of the Municipality of Trent Hills) will assume these duties until council announces an Acting Warden to carry out the 2019 term at its Aug. 28 meeting.

Crate extended county council's thanks to Logel for his steadfast leadership.

“His unwavering dedication to the responsibilities of the office and to serving the residents of Northumberland has earned him enormous respect from members of council and staff,” he said.

“We look forward to his thoughtful contributions to long-term planning, as well as program and service delivery, upon his return as county councillor.”