Port Hope Police Report

Port Hope Police 20161003_111253.jpg

Thefts from vehicles

Port Hope Police are investigating more thefts from unlocked vehicles. On the 26th of June a Hodgson street resident reported her vehicle entered and small change removed.  On the 28th of Police were called to a Percival Street residence where a homeowner noted his vehicle had been entered. Small change and vehicle documents were taken.  It is believed the vehicle was entered overnight. Again on the 28th of June a Ralston resident reported his vehicle entered and rummaged through but nothing appeared to have been taken. . Police remind residents to lock their vehicles when not in use.

Man charged under noise by law.

After three calls a Jarvis street man was charged under the noise by law for a noisy party.  Police responded to the residence at 11:07 pm on the 30th of June and were again called back on the 1st of July at 1:00am and 2:19am. The man was charged with unlawfully causing the emission of sound.

Windows Damaged at Port Hope High School.

On the 2nd of July shortly after 8:00pm Port Hope Police were called to the Port Hope High school regarding damaged windows.  Police noted that windows were damaged but not fully smashed.  Beer bottles were found at the scene.  Police believe the bottles were used to damage the windows. Anyone with information is asked to call Port Hope Police.

MVC involving Port Hope Transit

Port Hope Police are investigating a Motor Vehicle Collision that occurred on the 30th of June involving a Port Hope transit bus. Police were called to the intersection of Hope Street and Peter Street shortly before 3:00pm. Investigation revealed   the Bus was driving westbound on Peter Street and attempted to turn south on Hope Street. At that time an eastbound vehicle collided into the bus at it turned. The bus had passengers on board. Three people were transported to Hospital with minor injuries and were treated and released.  Police are continuing the investigation and charges are pending.