Queenies Hosts "It" Release Party

Queenies Bake Shop .jpg

Queenies Bake Shop in Port Hope was the place to be on Friday as the store hosted a party in celebration of the movie adaptation of the Stephen King novel, "It". The movie was shot in and around Port Hope last summer and already, based on the trailer for the Warner Bros./New Line Cinema movie, people from across Canada and the United States have been stopping by to see the Town that is standing in for the fictitious town of Derry in the novel. Queenies party included a  Northumberland 89.7 live remote broadcast and handing out free tickets to a screening of "It" at the Capitol Theatre. The Town has been the site of other movie shoots but rarely one with such great shots of the municipality in a critically-acclaimed major motion picture release. The movie is breaking box office records taking in $117 million on the weekend, with a $39 million cost of production. Staff at Rainbow Cinemas in Cobourg told Northumberland 89.7 that they were delighted to welcome exceptionally large crowds during weekend screenings.