Cobourg transit company remains on the job

By Cecilia Nasmith

Cobourg council has approved its transit provider for more than 20 years, Century Transportation, for another service tender for a three-year term for $1,880,889.

At this week's committee-of-the-whole meeting, the motion passed included the option of renewing for two additional one-year term.

Mayor John Henderson took this opportunity to say he had held a joint meeting with Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson to work towards a joint transportation initiative.

“Because of what may come out of that project, I would ask director of public works Laurie Wills to comment what some of our options are moving forward, so council is fully aware,” Henderson said.

In the event funding becomes available for such an initiative, Wills said, there is the flexibility to change the contract with six months notice, and the option to extend or reduce service at no additional cost.

“It's completely flexible, depending on where the town wants to go with it in the future.”

Wills added that application has been made for funding to replace two of the town's larger buses and the back-up Wheels service bus.

Henderson pointed out that capital costs for the transit system are not limited to buses. They may also include bus shelters, benches, signage and sidewalks that provide accessible boarding.

“We are looking at an extensive list. It's not just the buses,” he said.

“And as we talk buses, of course we are talking about different kinds of vehicles. Could we do with other vehicles of different sizes, different shapes or different purposes – outside-the-box thinking which, I think, is appropriate for 2019.”