Municipality of Port Hope and Port Hope Police Services Team Up to Warn Residents of Phone and Email Scams


Municipality of Port Hope residents have been subjected to an increased number of phone and computer scams and frauds recently, triggering a combined effort from the Municipality and the Port Hope Police Services to team up and issue warnings to the community with the use of upcoming radio ads and robo-calls.

“The Port Hope Police Service has investigated a significant number of frauds, including Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) phone scams, computer scams and emergency calls from ‘relatives,’” noted Bryant Wood, Chief of the Port Hope Police Services. “We are alarmed at the success rate of these scams, and as a result, have partnered with the Municipality in an effort to greatly increase awareness and to prevent these types of frauds from continuing. We take every incident or attempt seriously and want anyone who experiences any type of fraudulent activity to contact our police service immediately.”

In the coming weeks, residents will begin to hear regular radio ads as well as pre-recorded robo-calls, using the Municipality’s Rapid Notify system, cautioning residents to be wary of phone calls or emails from the CRA or people purporting to be relatives seeking money. The messages are intended to raise awareness in the community and keep the community safe from further fraudulent activities.

“We are pleased to partner with our Police Service to blanket the community with cautionary messaging,” remarked Bob Sanderson, Mayor of the Municipality of Port Hope. “Our vulnerable sector residents are particularly at risk and we are going to make every effort to arm our community with the information that they need to thwart this criminal activity.”

Port Hope Police Services is encouraging residents to contact the station at 905-885-8123, if a suspicious phone call or email is received from someone requesting banking information or asking for monies to be wired. Do not wire money or send banking information to anyone unknown to you.