Consider This Northumberland - July 5, 2019: Northumberland Hills Hospital Chief Executive Officer Linda Davis and the new board chair Pam Went

An extensive interview with Northumberland Hills Hospital Chief Executive Officer Linda Davis and the new board chair Pam Went talking about the recent $1 million in new funding and its impact on local health care. Also, they provide details around the annual general meeting held at the end of June, along with their proposal to become one of the first Ontario Health Teams in the province.

Consider This Northumberland - March 29, 2019

Health and taxes. On this episode of Consider This Northumberland we have two great guests to address those vital topics.

I will be talking to Ontario Health Coalition Executive Director Natalie Mehra as part of the ongoing series on the impacts of the Ontario government's proposed changes to the health care system. Then, Cobourg Deputy Mayor Suzanne Seguin will join me to discuss the 2019 budget.

Consider This Northumberland - March 22, 2019

On this episode, I talk about two extremely critical issues facing Northumberland: health care and affordable housing.

In the first segment, we will continue our ongoing look at the impact of the proposed changes to the Ontario health care system with our first guest Duff Sprague. He heads the Port Hope Northumberland Community Health Centre, a non-profit group out of Port Hope who helps many residents in the county get primary care.

In the second segment, I talk to Cobourg Councillor Nicole Beatty, who is the point person for planning and development. We are going to talk about a new affordable housing initiative in the town.

Consider This Northumberland - March 8, 2019

There are a lot of changes taking place to our health care system in Northumberland County and across the province. Author Stephen Skyvington just released a book called This May Hurt a Bit: reinventing Canada's health care system. It provides some critical insights into the system and what should be done to make it better. He is my guest on this edition of Consider This Northumberland.

Consider This Northumberland - February 8, 2019

Northumberland County council recently approved a $123 million budget. For the average homeowner, that is going to be an $18 increase to the county’s portion of your tax bill.

But what is it you actually get for those taxes you pay to the county? Well, today I have Northumberland County Warden John Logel in the studio to help explain all that. Please join me at noon today on Northumberland 89.7 FM.