Northumberland 89.7 FM On-Air Bingo Rules and Regulations

  • Bingo games will be played Tuesday evenings beginning at 6 PM.

  • All games to be played on the same card(s) (this is progressive Bingo).

  • Game 1 – One (1) line or Four (4) corners - $100.00 maximum payout.

  • Game 2 – Two (2) Lines - $200.00 Maximum payout.

  • Game 3 – Full Card - $500.00 Maximum payout.

  • Northumberland 89.7 is not responsible for local power outages, But, in the event of a power outage at the station, tonight’s game will be continued next week on Tuesday, on the same cards.  We suggest you have a battery-powered radio on hand for local power outages.

  • 1 and 2 line bingos must be called in prior to the beginning of the next game.  Once a bingo has been declared close, further bingos cannot be claimed for that game.

  • Full card Bingos must be called in prior to 7:00 PM. of the game day.

  • Do not cut your cards or they will be declared invalid.  The entire sheet bearing the winning card must be presented in order to be declared a winner.

  • All winning cards must be returned to Northumberland 89.7 FM radio in person by the winner or their proxy as verified at the time of the Bingo game being played.  Winners must include name, full address and telephone number on the back of their winning cards. Identification will be necessary when picking up winnings.

  • On multiple winners, the minimum share will be $6.00.

  • All prizes can be collected (by cheque) at Northumberland 89.7 FM Radio station after 10:00 AM on the Friday following the Bingo broadcast.  The Station’s business hours are from 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday. Prizes must be claimed no later than one month after the Bingo event.

Under no circumstance will the winner’s cheque be issued in a name different than that recorded by the verifier.  Winnings will not be released to anyone other than the contest winner unless on the night of the winning Bingo they make arrangements to delegate someone (proxy) else to pick up their winnings.  We will need to be given that individual’s full name and identification will be required to pick up the cheque.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to play.

  • Northumberland 89.7 FM Volunteers who are directly involved with the Bingo are not eligible to participate.


Lottery Lic. M740396