Nothing Exists - Episode 36

The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. #36: Take Back the Night: Port Hope Committee

Check out my interview with a handful of members of the Take Back the Night: Port Hopecommittee: Sarah Kennedy, Ashley Bouman, Ariel Reilly, and Meghan Sheffield. We chat about:
– The details of TBTN:PH
– How TBTN:PH started (and why)
– Our personal experiences with sex education and learning about consent
– The performers of TBTN:PH
– The sponsors of TBTN:PH

Featured Tunes:
Burn the Rapists, Not the Witches by Backyard Riot
Angela by The Hannigan Sisters****
Natural Born Woman by Kim Doolittle****
Don’t Wanna Know by Deviants and the Odd Man Out****

****Performers at TBTN:PH 2018

Nothing Exists - Episode 24


Check out my interview with Meghan Sheffield! We chat about:
– Her favourite thing about living in Northumberland county
– Meghan’s published writing and what she’s currently working on
– Meghan’s experience with freelance work
– Meghan’s advice to other writers
– Her writing process
– A bit about Montessori and the role it plays in her life
– All about what we can expect at Cultivate this year
– Our standout Cultivate memories
– Why we initiated Take Back the Night: Port Hope, how the amazing committee came together, and the details of this year’s event!
– Meghan’s favourite bird

Featured Tunes:

I am Aglow by Sarah Harmer
Next Year by Donovan Woods
I See Gold by Good Lovelies
O.O.T.G. by JB the First Lady

**100% CanCon.

Nothing Exists - Episode 27


Check out my interview with Evan Rose!

We chat about:
– Gunt‘s recent mini tour
– How Evan found and fell in love with music
– Using music as an outlet and how that contributes to being well
– The benefits of learning music
– Our mutual deep love of Propagandhi
– How Evan acquired a jam space turned punk show venue in the basement of a roti restaurant
– The challenge of dealing with jerks at shows as a promoter- and how they avoid having to deal with that at the Roti
– Evan’s advice for the folks in Northumberland County trying to revitalize the DIY music scene here
– The update on Gunt (new singer and new recordings!)
– How people can support their local music scene


Nothing Exists - Episode 21


Listen to my interview with my good friend (and low key mentor) David Sheffield. We are gonna talk about Green Wood Coalition, affordable housing, art, poetry, local events, frontline social work, harm-reduction, building community, and more. 

“I’ve lived in various parts of Ontario, but Northumberland County has been my home since 1986. My wife, Beth, and I settled here at that time, and have always felt that this was a great place to raise our four children. I often note that my children have been my best teachers, and that’s more true today than ever. We have four grandchildren, also living in this area, and we are enjoying the new discoveries they have brought to our lives. 

My work in community outreach started 10 years ago, but I think I was being guided to this place by many years of life experience. This feels more like a vocation than a job. Much of my career was in the painting trade, while spending off hours in community engagement through art projects, meals, church activities, music festivals and campfires. My writing—poetry and non-fiction—has been published in a variety of periodicals and anthologies. Writing is my favourite way to process some of the difficult days that one can encounter in this kind of work. 

These days, I’m the Community Director at Green Wood Coalition, which is a people-level response to the disconnection of poverty and related social struggles. The work is difficult, at times, but also very inspiring because of the resilience of individuals that I encounter, and the encouragement of many people who work alongside me.”

If you wanna read the article Gareth Vieira wrote about poets, including David and I, click here.

Learn more about Overdose Awareness Day Northumberland here. 

Features Tunes:
Roll Away the Stone by Carlos Del Junco and Jimmy Bowskill
I Will by Christa Couture
Shelter Valley Road by David Newland
Barley by Birds of Chicago

Nothing Exists - Episode 20


Check out this special episode where I talk about what Meniere’s Disease is, how I was diagnosed, my experience living with it, and the treatment strategies I use to manage the symptoms. If you’re curious to know more about what it’s like living with a disease that causes vertigo, ear pressure, hearing loss, and tinnitus, this is the episode for you.

If you have other questions about this disease or the other chronic illnesses I live with, please email me at or reach out to me on Facebook and I am happy to respond, no matter how personal!

Featured Tunes:

Listening by The Used
Verranzo by The Unlovables
Run in Circles by Face to Face
No Shadow by Ryan Adams

Nothing Exists - Episode 19


Check out my interview with the surreal Jeannette Breward Photography!
We’re gonna talk about:
– incorporating environmentalism and feminism into her work
– Using her body in her work intentionally
– The influence of surrealism on her work
– the inspiration for her surrealist still photographs
– Jeannette’s creative process
– Jeannette’s favourite things about Northumberland County
– All about her film “60 Seasons”
– How creating keeps her well
– What you can expect next from Jeannette- INCLUDING a super cool collaborative film project she and I are working on together! Listen to us brainstorm and discuss what we’ve been thinking about regarding this project. Basically, WITNESS OUR PROCESS!

Featured Music

Suddenly by Sweet Alibi
Into the Dark by Good Lovelies
Mary by Kate Boothman Music
Birthday Cake by My Son The Hurricane

Nothing Exists - Bonus Episode with Leisse Wilcox!


Leisse Wilcox is a mindset coach and writer from a tiny beachfront town east of Toronto. A mom of three little girls, her passion is working with women to help them dig deep, get clear and confident with who they really are, and help them find, express, and use their voice for good, in a lifestyle-friendly way. Using her uniquely grounded and peacefully honest perspective, she has spoken, been published, and consulted internationally on subjects ranging from self-love, parenting, healing old wounds and creating new behaviour patterns, and social media brand strategy and authenticity.

When not engaged with clients or kids, Leisse can be found stargazing, dreaming about an A-frame cabin in the woods, or anywhere the tacos are.”

We talk all about Leisse’s work. One thing we talk about a lot is, as Leisse puts it, “the paradox of positivity”.


“Positivity Does Not Mean You Get to Tune Out Your Shit” By Leisse Wilcox
“How to Escape and Prevent Toxic Communities” By Lyss England

Featured Tunes:

Lovin’ You Baby by Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band
11:11 By Arkells
Good Lover by Donovan Woods
Make It Happen by John Splithoff

Nothing Exists - Episode 17


Hear my chat with the incredible Kim Doolittle!!

We chat about writing and performing music, her newest album “Into the Blue”, being a long-term pillar of the music community for 40+ years, being a chick singer, and the housing crisis in Northumberland County.

AND!!!! She’s played a song live on air!!!

Tunes by Jimmy Bowskill and Carlos Del Junco, Abby Zotz, and Al Kirby and Jim Yates.

Nothing Exists - Episode 16


The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. #16 THE NOVA SCOTIA SPECIAL

Check out my interview with Amy Anderson-MacArthur (@veganmomofmany) about:

- Her favourite story form her bartending days
- Moderating a Vegan-Keto group, "Vegan-Keto Made Simple", (and why she eats the way she does)
- Managing chronic illness naturally
- Having a stroke during her fifth pregnancy at the age of 30...and life afterwards
- Sobriety
- Using CBD oil and cannabis vs. Wine Mom culture
- Being happy and the attitude it takes to get there
- Parenting a child with Sensory Processing Disorder
- Encouraging autonomy in children

Featuring Fresh Nova Scotia Tunes:

"Frantic" by John Rodgers and Julian Warme (Written in one night!)
"On Crutches" by John and Belinda
"Chips" by HighJinx and J-Hooligan
"Butts" by Brock MacArthur

Nothing Exists - Episode 15


The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Episode #15: Shanna Layton (local food, owning a business in the food industry, and surviving abuse)

My guest, Shanna Layton, and I discuss things like:

  • How Shanna found her love of cooking

  • Her career in the food industry

  • Managing food allergies and food restrictions in the food industry

  • Surviving sexual assault and domestic violence

  • Setting the rumours straight about Pitcher’s Place

  • Shanna’s favourite places to eat in Northumberland County

  • Shanna’s upcoming professional projects (meal plans!?)

  • If you have been affected by the content in this episode, please reach out to someone you trust.


If you would like to speak to a counsellor, I recommend phoning 4 County Crisis. They have counsellors available 24/7 at 1-866-995-9933.

If you are experiencing domestic violence, visit for resources.


Nothing Exists - Episode 13


My guests, Julian Warme and Maury Core (with a special appearance from Mike Grove(s)(er)!) of Avem and I discuss things like:

  • Why Avem Started

  • Who Avem is

  • What birdcore is

  • Their songwriting process while living across the country from one another

  • The process of recording their new EP

  • The inspiration for their songs

  • Why birds are so darn cool

  • What we can learn from birds

  • Being yourself even if you were hatched from a rotten egg

  • The good ol’ days of Northumberland County Early 2000s Punk

  • What kind of show-goers we each are

  • Julian and Corry’s favourite birds

    Music from:
    Teenage Bottlerocket, Avem, Old Wives, and The Unlovables

Nothing Exists - Episode 11


Take a listen to my chat with Wayne Kennedy!

"Wayne Kennedy has all the defiant passion and mad vocal energy you would hear with a punk band but performed by strumming the ever-loving-sh*t out of an acoustic guitar. For 11 years, Wayne Kennedy has been heavily involved within the independent music scene of Southern Ontario. From performing in punk bands, The Red District, and Television Warfare, to being a well known music promoter. Most notably, he was behind the infamous $2 Punk Shows at The Spill in Peterborough, and the Moustache Club in Oshawa, from 2012 to 2016. Wayne Kennedy started performing as an acoustic punk songwriter in 2014. He has performed at various festivals across Ontario, such as KOI Fest, Broken Arts Fest, and Peterborough L.I.V.E. Wayne has also spoken at high-schools, colleges, and universities, about songwriting, and his experiences building music scenes from the ground up and adhering strongly to a D.I.Y. work ethic."

Nothing Exists - Episode 12


Check out the ADVANCE PODCAST VERSION of episode number 12 of The nothing Exists radio hour where my guest, Matt Kowalyk, and I discuss things like:

- Godhead and the other one-acts from Northumberland Players

- K-Shark audio - Recording processes

- taking a break from acting and then coming back to it

- How each of us got involved with Northumberland Players

- The Players as an organization and what we can expect from them

- Running a fast-growing not for profit organization

- critiquing art

- Directing theatre

- Art and creativity as a means of being well

- work-life balance

- being a parent

Music from Propagandhi, K-Shark audio, and The Tragically Hip.

Nothing Exists - Episode 8


Hear my interview with a woman who may as well be my twin (seriously! we were born 2 days apart!). She's got a lot of good things to say, def worth the listen.

Cailey McCormack is a young professional with a heart of gold from Port Hope. She is a lover of the outdoors, dogs, and wellness all while building a successful career. She’s passionate about social justice, and has a unique and compassionate approach to her activism, operating from the perspective that people come from good intentions and that it’s useful to meet them where they’re at. She says, "when creating positive change in any kind of community you can't underestimate the power of effective and compassionate communication".

Cailey is also a valuable thinker and world-builder when it comes to the concept of minimalism, connecting it to overall health and wellness in an accessible, practical way.

Cailey is a fixture at Turtle John’s Friday night karaoke in Port Hope, ranging in song choice from Sublime to Johnny Cash. When she’s not making change in her community, you can often find Cailey hanging out with her one year old dachshund, Reese, at her family’s cabin in the woods.

Feat. music by Wayne Kennedy Kim Doolittle andThe Weakerthans!

Nothing Exists - Episode 7


Interview with Jeff Wheeldon! We're gonna talk about things like:
- Democratic deficits
- Strategic voting
- Why he's into the Green Party
- Balancing his campaign with parenting
- His social media prescence
- Affordable housing
- Basic income guarentees
- Making mental health services part of OHIP+
- The Green vision for legalizing cannabis
- The interconnection of everything
- Questions for Jeff from my lyssners (haha!)

*BONUS* Jeff tells a dad joke.

Music by City Mouse The Murderburgers and Propaghandi

Nothing Exists - Episode 6


Join Deviants and The Odd Man Out and I to hear us talk about things like:
- Their new album, "Sink or Swim"
- The process behind the album
- What they consider their overall message
- Songwriting process, reoccuring themes lyrically
- The progression of the band (how and why it started)
- Music Series: A Place For Deviants Music Series Presents Chapter 2 the Release
- Upcoming shows (lots of local shows coming up!)
- The local music scene
- Making a living as a musician
- Being a transgender musician
- Parenting when you’re when a trans punk band

AND you'll get to hear some brand new songs from their new album (which hasn't even been released yet) AND NOFX AND Against Me!