The Nothing Exists Radio Hour S2 Ep. 11: Maureen Pollard


Maureen has worked in the field of social work since 1991. In private practice since 2011, Maureen is a specialist in traumatic bereavement, helping individuals, families and groups navigate life after losses, including pregnancy and infant loss, child death, suicide loss, homicide loss and sudden or accidental death. Maureen is a certified Compassionate Bereavement Care provider, and she is trained in RTS Bereavement Care (Resolve Through Sharing). In June 2019, she published The Twentieth Year: A Memoir of Miscarriage, a book that tells the story of her journey through multiple miscarriages to parenthood, and how her personal grief experiences influences her work.

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Twitter and Instagram handle: @rhythmsinlife

We talk about:

What inspired her to get into social work and specialize in the things she does

What kind of training she draws from in her professional practice

Her book, “The Twentieth Year: Memoirs of Miscarriage”

The process of writing and publishing her book

Being public about recurrent miscarriage and early pregnancy

Pregnancy after recurrent miscarriage

Grief and peoples’ reactions to it

How to maintain professional boundaries as someone working with people who have also experienced recurrent pregnancy loss (and other types of traumatic loss)

What Maureen wants people to know about recurrent pregnancy loss

What Maureen wants youth and parents of youth to know about mental health and suicide

How Maureen’s work has contributed to her being well

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