The Nothing Exists Radio Hour S2E8: Sarah Kennedy (owning her own doggy daycare, PMDD)


We talk about:

– Sarah’s love for dogs and her daily tasks at the kennel

– How Sarah got to a place where she owns her own business

– Sarah’s other random skills (she’s a costumer!!)

– What Sarah needs from her clients to make for the best experience for everyone (especially their pups!)

– An update on the renovations currently happening at the kennel

– Why Lakeview doesn’t discriminate against breeds or use cages

– PMDD, self-diagnosis, and barriers to talking about and treating women’s health

– Sarah’s volunteer work with Take Back the Night: Port Hope

and more!

Featured Tunes by:

– Wayne Kennedy

– Avem

– Backyard Riot

– Deviants and the Odd Man Out