The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. 61: Maggie Robbins (reactions, grief, and beating cancer)


Can’t wait to have a friend I love very much back on tonight to follow up on our conversation (about things like radical inclusivity and rape culture in gynaecology) from episode 46.

At 8pm on Northumberland 89.7 FM Small Town Radio tonight, tune in to join Maggie Robbins and I while we talk about:

– the response from our previous episode (we got stories!)

– an update on Maggie’s battle with cancer

– Trauma as a means of individual and community healing

– parenting through trauma

– leaving space for reaction

– balancing reaction and response

– cannabis as part of a wholistic wellness plan

Featured Tunes:

Let’s Fall in Love by Tiny Stills

Baby I by Amy Millan

Done by Frazey Ford

Dancing in the Dark by The Ruth Moody Band