Nothing Exists Radio Hour - Episode 53 w. Kat Mokus

Disability, mental health, non-binary gender, and zines!


We talk about:

  • 2spirit and nonbinary gender identities

  • Kat’s creative work, including their zines, through Disabled Femme

  • The intersection between mental health and physical disability

  • Why access to cannabis is important

  • Gender-neutral pronouns

  • Keyboard activism

  • Kat’s new project, Accessible Resiliency

  • Various types of therapy and our favourite coping strategies

    Featured Tunes:

    Corn Dog Sonnet No.7 by Sincere Engineer
    Rotten Egg by Avem
    Grow Up/Stay Young by The Anti-Queens
    Realness by RuPaul

Additional Stuffs:

twitter: mx_kat_mokus
instagram: mx.kat, accessibleresiliency
Kat in Broken Pencil