Nothing Exists - Episode 32


Check out my interview with Ian Everdell where we chat about things like:

  • Ian‘s favourite thing about Port Hope

  • Ian’s career and the skills he has learned throughout his professional journey

  • The reason Ian and his wife chose to settle and build their family in Port Hope

  • What Ian has learned from him involvement in community theatre

  • Ian’s vision for economic development in Port Hope

  • Affordable housing

  • The waterfront

  • Accessibility

  • Effective communication and what it looks like in practice

  • 65 Ward

  • Young people running for council

  • Youth engagement

  • Drawing on the skills people in our community have to build a better municipality


Featured Tunes:
Consequence Free by Great Big Sea
I Wish I Could Be Happy by Rational Anthem
City Kids by Cleopatrick
Soggy Bones by Madman’s Window