Nothing Exists - Episode 30


Check out my interview with Todd Attridge where we chat about:

  • Todd‘s favourite things about Port Hope

  • Todd’s career and what he’s learned from that that may be useful on council

  • Turning strategy into reality

  • What leadership looks like

  • Todd’s best strategies for business development

  • What Todd’s involved in locally

  • Todd’s position on the waterfront cleanup

  • Todd’s thoughts on affordable housing

  • Todd’s vision for economic development in Port Hope

  • Todd’s thoughts on making life better for our seniors (including his positions on the Ruth Clark Centre and 65 Ward)

  • Todd’s plans for increasing youth engagement

  • Todd being new to town and how that may be an asset when it comes to sitting on council

  • Todd’s strategies for collaboration


Featured  Tunes:
Tonight by 
The Soviettes
Falling On by 
Finger Eleven
Rockerchick by 
Lipstick Homicide
The Promise by 
Cale Crowe