Nothing Exists - Episode 28


Check out my interview with Laurie Carr! We chat about:

  • Laurie‘s favourite things about Port Hope

  • What’s going on at Laurie’s businesses, The Social and Cats Media

  • Why Laurie is running for town council

  • Laurie’s mission

  • Working collaboratively

  • Sustainability

  • The waterfront clean up

  • Laurie’s vision for balanced economic growth

  • Accessibility

  • Laurie’s thoughts on the state of local media

  •  Laurie’s thoughts on affordable housing

  • Laurie’s experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry and how that experience can apply to being on council

  • Laurie’s thoughts on 65 Ward St.


Featured Tunes:
Yeah by Hiccup
Something to Believe in by Ramones
Smile by My Son the Hurricane
Since the Divorce by Gillian Shields