Nothing Exists - Episode 16


The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. #16 THE NOVA SCOTIA SPECIAL

Check out my interview with Amy Anderson-MacArthur (@veganmomofmany) about:

- Her favourite story form her bartending days
- Moderating a Vegan-Keto group, "Vegan-Keto Made Simple", (and why she eats the way she does)
- Managing chronic illness naturally
- Having a stroke during her fifth pregnancy at the age of 30...and life afterwards
- Sobriety
- Using CBD oil and cannabis vs. Wine Mom culture
- Being happy and the attitude it takes to get there
- Parenting a child with Sensory Processing Disorder
- Encouraging autonomy in children

Featuring Fresh Nova Scotia Tunes:

"Frantic" by John Rodgers and Julian Warme (Written in one night!)
"On Crutches" by John and Belinda
"Chips" by HighJinx and J-Hooligan
"Butts" by Brock MacArthur