Nothing Exists - Episode 13


My guests, Julian Warme and Maury Core (with a special appearance from Mike Grove(s)(er)!) of Avem and I discuss things like:

  • Why Avem Started

  • Who Avem is

  • What birdcore is

  • Their songwriting process while living across the country from one another

  • The process of recording their new EP

  • The inspiration for their songs

  • Why birds are so darn cool

  • What we can learn from birds

  • Being yourself even if you were hatched from a rotten egg

  • The good ol’ days of Northumberland County Early 2000s Punk

  • What kind of show-goers we each are

  • Julian and Corry’s favourite birds

    Music from:
    Teenage Bottlerocket, Avem, Old Wives, and The Unlovables