The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. 61: Maggie Robbins (reactions, grief, and beating cancer)


Can’t wait to have a friend I love very much back on tonight to follow up on our conversation (about things like radical inclusivity and rape culture in gynaecology) from episode 46.

At 8pm on Northumberland 89.7 FM Small Town Radio tonight, tune in to join Maggie Robbins and I while we talk about:

– the response from our previous episode (we got stories!)

– an update on Maggie’s battle with cancer

– Trauma as a means of individual and community healing

– parenting through trauma

– leaving space for reaction

– balancing reaction and response

– cannabis as part of a wholistic wellness plan

Featured Tunes:

Let’s Fall in Love by Tiny Stills

Baby I by Amy Millan

Done by Frazey Ford

Dancing in the Dark by The Ruth Moody Band

The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. 60: Nicole Brown (Barriers to supporting youth with autism and a parents vision for doing better)


We chat about parenting a kid with autism and how changing policy is affecting her family. We talk about autism, what it takes to support a child with autism, and Nicole’s vision for better policy.

Featured Tunes:

10 000 Miles by Clan Hannigan

No Happy Birthday by Hayden

Parachute by James Durbin

Doll Parts by Hole

The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep 59: M.P.P. David Piccini

Check out my conversation with David Piccini, our MPP  here in Northumberland.


We chat about what he loves about Northumberland, some of the policy he’s feeling excited about, and I communicate a few concerns I’ve heard about Conservative policy, which David gives his perspective on.

Features Tunes:

Failed Imagineer- Propagandhi

Dark Matters- Propagandhi

Capture the Flag- War on Women

I Never Knew- Teenage Bottlerocket

The NothingExists Radio Hour Ep. 58: Val Russell and Lucy Caldwell of the play, Silent Sky

Check out my conversation with Val Russell and Lucy Caldwell, the director and lead actress from Northumberland Players‘ rendition of Silent Sky!


“The true story of 19th-century astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, Silent Sky explores a woman’s place in society during a time of immense scientific discoveries, when women’s ideas were dismissed until men claimed credit for them. Social progress, like scientific progress, can be hard to see when one is trapped among earthly complications. Henrietta Leavitt and her female peers believe in both, and their dedication changed the way we understand both the heavens and Earth.

Silent Sky is the poignant tale of a woman’s dedication to the stars and the human touch that makes life under the cast sky beautiful and timeless. It is a beautiful and insightful piece of theatre.”

Featured Tunes:

Northern Star by Fortunate Ones

Starlight by Muse

I See Gold by The Good Lovelies

There’s a Star For Everyone by Aretha Franklin

The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. 57: 172 Simcoe St. (New live music venue and bar in Peterborough!)


Check out my conversation (with beautiful co-host, Natalie!) with Chase and Brett of 172 Simcoe St. in Peterborough!

We talk all about their new venue (and their opening this Saturday!), the local live music scenes, their band, Bonnavilles, their major beef with another local band (get your hot scoop here…;)), what community means and how punk rock contributes to building community, and lots more!

Featured Tunes:

Quit Your Job by Chixdiggit!

Short Attention by Fizzy Bangers

Cleaver, Maddening, Annoying by Short Attention

Better Part by Bonnavilles

The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. #56: Northumberland Youth Arts Collective (with Hailiah Knight!)


Check out my conversation with Hailiah Knight about the new arts school we’re collaborating on, Northumberland Youth Arts Collective

We talk all about how and why we started, as well as what programs we’re offering– including our interdisciplinary arts March Break Camp!

Featured Tunes:

Eyes Closed (Halsey cover) by Kira Gelineau

Pizza Day by The Aquabats

Our Town by Hill & Landing

Space Pirates from the kids musical of the same name.

The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. #55: Judy and Phil talk about Coldest Night of the Year and Green Wood Coalition


Check out my conversation with Judy and Phil, the co-chairs of the Coldest Night of the Year Committee, an annual fundraiser for Green Wood Coalition!

We talk all about the event and why we work year after year to support the work of Green Wood Coalition!


Featured Tunage from:

Kyler Tapscott

Jimmy Bowskill and Carlos DelJunco

Sarah Harmer

Ellen Torrie

Nothing Exists Radio Hour - Episode 54 with Dana and Saskia of Northumberland Parents Empowering Parents


We talk all about youth mental health and this new group for parents to talk about how to approach youth mental health from a parenting perspective. Part way through the interview, we’re also joined by Dana’s daughter, Kira, who shares some insight about being a teenager in Northumberland County right now- and she plays a song live, in studio!

Featured Tunes:

Matt’s Song by The Soviettes
10 000 Miles by Clan Hannigan
Angela (Lumineers cover) by The Hannigan Sisters
Eyes Closed (Halsey cover) by Kira Gelineau

Nothing Exists Radio Hour - Episode 53 w. Kat Mokus

Disability, mental health, non-binary gender, and zines!


We talk about:

  • 2spirit and nonbinary gender identities

  • Kat’s creative work, including their zines, through Disabled Femme

  • The intersection between mental health and physical disability

  • Why access to cannabis is important

  • Gender-neutral pronouns

  • Keyboard activism

  • Kat’s new project, Accessible Resiliency

  • Various types of therapy and our favourite coping strategies

    Featured Tunes:

    Corn Dog Sonnet No.7 by Sincere Engineer
    Rotten Egg by Avem
    Grow Up/Stay Young by The Anti-Queens
    Realness by RuPaul

Additional Stuffs:

twitter: mx_kat_mokus
instagram: mx.kat, accessibleresiliency
Kat in Broken Pencil

Nothing Exists Radio Hour - Episode 52 w. Gareth Vieira

Gareth Vieira (Writer, Crohn’s warrior)

  • Gareth’s favourite things about Port Hope (and what brought him here)

  • All about Gareth’s writing

  • The story behind Gareth’s book store

  • About Dispatches From a Small Town

  • His experiences with Port Hope Now

  • His experiences with Short Order Poetry

  • Living with Crohn’s Disease

  • How writing keeps Gareth well

Featured Tunes:

Skates by Hayden

Valentine by Fiona Apple

Samson by Regina Spektor

Sun in an Empty Room by The Weakerthans

Nothing Exists Radio Hour - Episode 51

Jade Calver (Immigration, Being a young woman entrepreneur)


Hear me chat with Jade Calver about her work in the Canadian immigration field and being a young female entrepreneur! We also chat about:
– Working in Canadian immigration in a rural context
– Some of the challenges people face when they’re trying to immigrate to Canada
– What changes Jade would like to see in policy
– Why immigration is important
– How Jade’s work keeps her well

and more!

Featured Tunes:
Take It All Off by Alyson McNamera
Exiles Among You by The Weakerthans
Nowhere We Cannot Go by Hayden
Didn’t You Know by Rowan Spencer

Nothing Exists - 50th Episode Special

50th Episode Lyssmas Eve Special - Celebrate with my live in-studio audience and I for my 50th episode!



Top 10 Fan Favourite Moments:
10. Ep. #20 The Meniere’s Disease Special
9. Ep. #2 Rob Stevenson
8. Ep. #15 Shanna Layton
7. Ep. #47 Sabrina Scott
6. Ep. #28-35 The Municipal Election Episodes
5. Ep. #8 Cailey McCormack
4. Ep. #16 Amy MacArthur
3. Ep. #46 Maggie Robbins
2. Ep. #36 TBTN Committee
1. Ep. #10 Harmony Page

Top 3 most downloaded episodes on iTunes
3. Ep. #44 Maria Papaaiannoy-Duic
2. Ep. #43 Wayne Kennedy
1. Ep #19 Jeannette Breward

Live In-Studio Audience:
Scott MacIntosh
Avril Ewing
Nat Komel
Cailey McCormack
Jeannette Breward
Jeff Wheeldon

– Outta Hand by The Bombpops
– A recording of Kim Doolittle‘s live in-studio performance from Ep. 17
– A live in-studio performance by Hailiah
– Sing Every Day by Avem

Nothing Exists Radio Hour - Episode 48

Avril Ewing (grief, balancing owning a business and volunteer work, emotional labour)


We chat about:

  • What brought Avril to Port Hope

  • Avril’s favourite things about Northumberland County

  • The various work Avril does both professionally and as a volunteer

  • The seasonal offers she has going on as an officiant

  • Working in the funeral industry

  • How to grieve effectively

  • What to say (and what not to say) to someone who is grieving

  • Owning a business and being a woman in business

  • Emotional labour

    and more!

    Featured Tunes:

    The Funeral Party by The Cure
    I do I do I do I do I do by ABBA
    Lovers in Dangerous Times by Barenaked Ladies
    Hasn’t Hit Me Yet by Blue Rodeo

Nothing Exists - Episode 47

The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. #47: Sabrina Scott (professional witch, illustrator, freelancer)


We talk about:

and more!

Featured Tunes:
Overbite by Sincere Engineer
Real Hip Hop by LolaBunz
A Tribe Called Red by Angel Haze
West Side by LolaBunz

Nothing Exists - Episode 46

The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. 46 Maggie Robbins (Radical inclusion and empowering families, gynaecology and rape culture)


We talk about:

  • Radical inclusion and empowering families

  • The Village Hearth Northumberland

  • Living with cancer

  • Navigating the healthcare system as a survivor of sexual violence

  • Gynaecology and rape culture

  • Parenting through trauma

Features Tunes:
Littlest Birds by The Be Good Tanyas
Rainy Saturday by Hayden
Orion Town 2 by Frontier Ruckus
I Feel It All by Feist

Nothing Exists - Episode 45

Jim Swale (Owner and tattooer, Stately Raven Studio)


We talk about:
– Jim’s new shop in Port Hope, Stately Raven Studio
– Art, tattooing, and some of Jim’s most interesting tattoo stories
– The most common reason why people get tattoos- Jim’s advice for healing tattoos
– What it’s like to be tattooed at Stately Raven
– Jim’s favourite style to tattoo and his favourite piece he’s done yet
– How tattooing keeps Jim well

Featured Tunes:
Our Town by Hill & Landing
n o i s e by Lungless
Dun Dun by Gunt
Letting Go by Say Ritual

Nothing Exists - Episode 44

The Nothing Exists Radio Hour Ep. #44: Maria Papaioannoy-Duic (Women in business, the vape industry, harm-reduction)


We chat about:

– Maria’s business, Ecig Flavourium
– Relocating to Northumberland County
– Getting into the vape industry
– Being a woman in business
– Harm reduction and vaping as a harm reduction strategy
– Some of the misconceptions about vaping and the vape industry
– The current state of the vape industry
– Similarities between the vape industry and the cannabis industry
– Maria’s hopes for the future of the vape industry

Featured Tunes:
Phasers Set to Thrill by Black Cat Attack
St. Andrews Hall by Nothington
November Hurricane by Jenn Fiorentino
No Words by Tragedy

Nothing Exists - Episode 43


Wayne and I sit down (with no notes or prep!) for a solid follow up to our first conversation a few months ago, which you can find here.

We talk about:

  • Wayne’s cool new gig at Long & McQuade

  • Recording his recent live album

  • What’s happening with his new solo album

  • Joining Avem

  • Surviving suicide attempts and living on the bipolar spectrum

We get really honest about the mental health stuff. This conversation is about as real as it gets. If you need crisis support, please phone Four County Crisis at 705-745-6484 or toll-free 1-866-995-9933.

Featured Tunes:

Grow Up Stay Young by The Anti-Queens
Of Flesh & Blood by Jenn Fiorentino
Shut Up, I’m Trying to Sleep (LIVE!) by Wayne Kennedy
…And the Hits Keep Coming by Old Wives

(In the spirit of Wayne, keepin’ it 100% CanCon and 75% local!)

Nothing Exists - Episode 42


We talk about:

– Luke’s company, Paron Media
– His learning process behind videography and photography
– Community theatre
– What Luke’s working on
– Luke’s transition to veganism
– What animal liberation means to Luke
– The connection between
– Luke’s recent work with Sea Shepherd
– Useful strategies for activism
– Incorporating intersectional anti-oppression practices in direct action around animal liberation
– How Luke’s various work keeps him well

Featured Tunes:
Hearse Joy by Sad Noyz
Choking on the Truth by  Bif Naked
Human(e) Meat by Propagandhi
Chains of Silence by Stephanie Braganza (Live, stripped down version)