Deconstructing X - September 5: The Timetable Show

So this week isn't just the launch of pumpkin spice everything but it's also the first week of school and reaching back to my high school reunion episode I recall that there are a lot of folks who are bit stuck back in high school and really miss those days.

Tonight, this show is dedicated to them.

In honour of a new school year...this show is a timetable. Each break will cover a specific subject. History, Geography, Science...that sort of thing and first up...songs and bands that have something to do with...English.

Now, it should be no surprize that many artists have been inspired by literature. Kate Bush did Wuthering Heights, Rage Against The Machine referenced Orwell's 1984 in Testify and Rush...geez their catalogue is heavily inspired by literature..Ayn Rand, Coleridge...The Hobbit...but because of that riff in our opening track by Barenaked Ladies...we're going to start our first set with a little ode to Mark Twain.