Deconstructing X - April 18: Demented Faves

Haydn's symphony 94...Mozart's Musical Joke...Court Jesters. For hundreds of years there have been serious, skilled musicians who use humour in music.

In the 80's I loved Sunday night radio. Chum FM ran three shows back to back that I can honestly say increased my love of broadcasting. Rick Hodge hosted the Sunday Funnies which were largely uncensored and which was awesome for an 11 year old kid. After that was Theatre of the Mind which frequently aired Black Museum with Orson Welles but to start off the Sunday night block there was this guy from Pasadena named Barret Hansen. Hansen was a connoisseur of novelty songs, comedy, strange or unusual recordings and his two hour show was one of the weirdest things I had ever heard. And I was hooked. For three years now I've been working up the guts to try out a show like this cuz I know you're either going to love it or hate it. we go. Tonight. A tribute to the one and only Doctor Demento!