Deconstructing X - Apr 11: 3 Year Anniversary

Hello there..and welcome to another episode of Deconstructing X, the show where every week I sit here and play the music of and sometimes even talk about stuff that somehow remotely relates to that Generation known as X.

With me on this episode is my favourite cohost...Liam!

And the reason that Liam is here with me tonight is it is a very special occasion...this is episode 156 and although my math stinks...this is our three year anniversary!

So the theme...well...Liam and I are playing whatever the heck we want to tonight.

Deconstructing X - March 14

Something that's occurring more often today are what's called living funerals or living tributes...before a person dies. The gathering becomes a stage for people to share memories, sometimes songs, poems and lifetime achievement awards that express: thank you, I love you, I’ll remember you. And goodbye.

On this episode, we are gathered here to celebrate the life and pending demise of a 35 year old Canadian cultural icon. An endeavour described as “live, gloriously unpredictable, seat-of-the-pants TV” that was “delivered fresh daily to an entire generation of Canadians.”

I'm talking about Much Music.

Last week it was reported that the Nation's Music Station is now down to airing a lone, one-hour block of videos at lunch time. The writing is on the wall. YouTube has killed the Video Star.

So on the show tonight we are going to celebrate the life and times of Much Music.

Deconstructing X - February 21: Karaoke Classics

Creeping into Ontario communities in the very early 90's, bars started hosting evenings where people who thought they sounded awesome in the shower could prove to everyone how well they could sing.

Or…more often...drunks who thought that they sounded awesome proved they did not.

Yes. Tonight we're talking about Japan's most popular export after Godzilla movies...Karaoke.

Deconstructing X - Feb. 14

It is February 14th and that means for some it's Thursday and for others it's Valentine's day. Now cynical me could have done an anti-love show again this year, but no.

This year it's slow dance mania…you might remember some of these tracks from highschool dances, mixtapes from your honey after your 3 month anniversary or heck one of tonight's tracks may have been the first dance from your wedding.