Checkpoint Northumberland - July 27

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In a new monthly feature called Report From The Hill, John Hill talks with Kim Rudd, MP for Northumberland Peterborough-South.  Topics include the impact a threatened uranium tariff by the United States could have on Cameco. Our Riding’s MP also discusses a new initiative to increase the housing supply and new measures to reduce homelessness.

In the second segment, with nominations for municipal councils drawing to a close at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, John Hill and Bryan Lambert discuss the responsibilities and powers of Northumberland County and those of the seven lower tier municipalities, the new "super mayor" idea being floated by Toronto Mayor John Tory and the difference between County and Regional governments.

Checkpoint Northumberland - July 20

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Bryan Lambert sits down with Cobourg Police Chief Kai Liu and Dean Pepper, Deputy Chair of the Police Services Board to discuss the role of the Police Services Board and some of the local retooling efforts of modern policing to better meet the needs of the community.

In the second segment, John Hill speaks with Keith Oliver about his History of Cobourg and his upcoming History of Canada, all in connection with his participation with the Sifton Cooke Heritage Center. 

Checkpoint Northumberland July 6

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Co-host Mandy Martin explores the Cramahe Library's non-typical outreach programs with Cramahe Library CEO Mary Norton.

In the second segment, Bryan Lambert interviews Jeremy Fowlie of the Cobourg Dragon Boat & Canoe Club. Jeremy will provide details of his recent delegation to Cobourg Council regarding the Waterfront Plan's proposal to add additional boat slips in the West Harbour.

Checkpoint Northumberland June 21

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John Hill, investigative reporter for 89.7, discusses the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s ruling against the Correctional Service of Canada in finding that the use of a cell site simulator illegally collected cell phone conversations and text messages in the vicinity of Warkworth Institution.

In the second half, Donna Woods, spokesperson for the residents of Northwood Drive in Cobourg, explains why she’s making a delegation to  Council telling them to withdraw their plans to build a sidewalk this year that homeowners on the street don’t want.

Checkpoint Northumberland June 15

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Bryan Lambert interviews Port Hope Councillor Terry Hickey and Patrick Moore, Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations for Southbridge Care Homes
Inc. on the possibility of Council reconsidering its decision to designate the old Port Hope hospital as being of cultural heritage value or interest on Tuesday, June 19.

Ben Burd then speaks with Bryan about the recommendations he made to Cobourg Council this past Monday on a 60 year-old water and sewer system servicing agreement that the Town has with Hamilton Township and his question “What is in it for the Town”?

Checkpoint Northumberland June 8

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Bryan Lambert goes behind the scenes with John Hill, Producer and Anchor of the 89.7 FM election team that provided Northumberland’s most comprehensive coverage of the 2018 provincial election.

From planning the station’s all candidates debate on May 24 th to our on-air coverage on election night, John explains how a team of volunteers played a critical role in keeping listeners informed.

Checkpoint Northumberland - June 1, 2018

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Co-Host Paul Pagnuelo interviews Alison Howard and Rick Scott who are with a local group known as Resist The Pit. They discuss the dumping of industrial hydrovac waste, gravel pit expansion, the impact on the local watershed and how it can affect everyone who uses ground water in Alnwick/Haldimand and Hamilton Townships.

During the second segment, Lydia Smith, President of the Cobourg Taxpayers Association and 89.7’s Straightspeak commentator David Hughes discuss the failure of democratic public engagement in the Cobourg Waterfront Plan's final development.

Checkpoint Northumberland - May 18

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Northumberland County CAO Jennifer Moore talks with Bryan Lambert about the new provincial funding for additional beds at the Golden Plough and why the Golden Plough has to be rebuilt.

Barry Johnson and John Hill review what’s planned for the upcoming provincial candidates’ debate on May 24 th and how 89.7 FM listeners can play a big part.

Does Cobourg Council need a large raise in pay? Emily Chorley sits down with Paul Pagnuelo to discuss the Cobourg Taxpayers Association proposal for fair pay at this past Monday’s Council meeting.

Checkpoint Northumberland - April 20

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Kevin Stuart and Barry Adamson look at this year’s Float Your Fanny Down The Ganny event on April 21st, as it celebrates its 37th year.

Southbridge Care Homes bought the old Port Hope Hospital with the intent of demolishing it and building a 63 bed extension to their existing senior care facility on the property.  In seeking Council approval, they encountered heritage issues. A Southbridge representative will discuss the ramifications.

Checkpoint Northumberland- April 6

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Detective Constable Janice MacDonald of Cobourg Police Services and Simon Chorley, Acting Deputy Director for International Programs at UNICEF Canada, examine the heinous crime of Human Trafficking and its impact locally.

Dennis Nabieszko provides an update to the heated issue of the New Amherst school re-zoning proposal.

And Eric Guerbilsky outlines current issues in Hamilton Township to be discussed in upcoming shows with Brian Lambert.