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Our programming is eclectic, thoughtful…and above all, a hoot.

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Shows & Hosts

Sunday Morning Brunch - Glenn McLaren, Sunday at 7:00am
~Early-morning wake-up featuring very diverse music selection, ranging from funk to soul to classic rock to disco to the lighter strains of ‘70s soft-rock and r&b. Focuses on the concept of ‘double-shots’ (i.e. playing two of one artist in a row, so as not to lose the general ‘vibe’ so easily).

LoranFevens Sentimental Journey
- Loran Fevens, Sunday at 10:00am
~Impeccably-researched show highlighting half-forgotten classics from the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s; very classic Americana-type popular music with a focus on their wistful/nostalgic qualities. Very popular with older audiences especially. “Song requests always welcome!”

Sunday Coffeehouse
- Greg Schatzmann, Sunday at 12:00noon
~Hosted by a professor of radio broadcasting (so you know it’s well-timed and well-structured), this focuses on the kind of music you’d hear in a hip coffeehouse on a Sunday: mellow, acoustic, jazz-inflected folk. Very listenable voice.

FelicityAndGwynn Word on the Hills
- Gwynn Scheltema and Felicity Sidnell Reid, Sunday at 1:00pm
~Features interviews with local writers of all styles and stripes, wherein the writer’s works are read and discussed. Focuses on the writing craft itself, making this an invaluable show for the Northumberland arts base.

PatBryan Bryan Reads Leacock
- Pat Bryan, Sunday at 1:30pm

LaurenceStevenson The Search -
Laurence Stevenson,Sunday at 2:00pm
~There is magic to be found in the musical experience and Laurie Stevenson will guide you on The Search to find it. Mostly drawing on live concert recordings he will bring you something completely new, in a wide variety of styles, every week. Open your ears and be amazed!

Hooker Time -
Chris Hooker,Sunday at 3:00pm
~Request show featuring tunes from all over the place, ranging from ‘80s metal to hip-hop to ‘60s rock. Many requests given, all hosted very likeable and hilarious.

Modern Jazz Today -
Sunday at 6:00pm
~Focuses on jazz ranging from New Orleans ragtime to swing, bebop, hardbop, free jazz and beyond. Less emphasis on fusion, more on the “classic” era of jazz.

PatBryan I Know What I Like -
Pat Bryan, Sunday at 8:00pm
~Each week a different theme, with Pat Bryan playing everything from a 1907 recording by Dame Nellie Melba to jazz to Jimmy Stewart singing to Professor Longhair and Rockin’ Pneumonia, interspersed with reading, reminiscences and firmly-held opinions-just because he like them.

JimG Morning Show
- Jim Glover,Weekdays at 7:00am
~Tirelessly hosted by one of our most active volunteers, the morning show centers mostly around classics from the 1960s and ‘70s. Not only the terrific music, but also discussions and updates of local goings-on in the community and interviews with event coordinators and local business owners.

JeffC Northumberland Focus -
Jeff Caine, Monday at Noon
~Features interesting guest and business leaders to keep listeners aware of the enterprise and talent that makes for a vibrant county.

PeterSmith Post Meridian
- Peter Smith, Monday to Thursday at 1pm
~An entertaining mix of eclectic music and chat. There are daily music features, Celebrity Scoop entertainment report and interviews with a community flavour. Join Pete for a fun and relaxing afternoon.

DaveGlover The Drive Time
- Dave Glover, Monday to Friday at 4:00pm
~Possibly our most listened-to show on Northumberland 89.7, Dave hosts in-depth political commentary that is something of a novelty in southern Ontario. Great guests, call-ins from all over the world, stock market updates, regular discussions with local journalists, and very listenable commentary that encourages people to keep listening if not call in.

BruceWalker Guitar Gear and More -
Bruce Walker, Monday at 10:00
~Hosted by Bruce Walker and Derek Oliver where we give our opinion on guitar and then play the bands who use it along with interviewing local talent and MORE!

In Our Own Backyard In Our Own Backyard
– Jamie Simmons, Tuesday at 11:00am
~ A one hour live show with interviews about agencies, individuals and programs that make Northumberland such a caring, giving and engaged community.

Law Talk
James McGrath,Tuesday at 12:00pm
~Half hour segment dedicated to emailed and called-in questions about specific law-related questions. James McGrath is one of the more noted lawyers in the county, and he takes the questions and discusses them. Very informative.

KurtWhite The Music Scene -
Kurt White, Tuesday at 8:00pm
~Music from recent (i.e. 2000-onward) acts, mostly in the rock scene.

JimMatthews Wham Bam Thank You Glam
Jim Matthews, Tuesday at 10:00pm
~Hosted by well-liked local security expert Jim Matthews, this features a lot of local music (rock to folk to blues and beyond) as well as token picks from the ‘70s glam-rock scene (David Bowie, Slade, Marc Bolan, etc.).

Kevin Stuart Mid-week Warmup
Kevin Stuart, Wednesday at 10:00am
~As the end of your work weeks comes into view, Kevin helps get you to the midway point with a great mix of music and features, occasional guests and the latest local happenings.

Soul Kitchen –
David Long & Andrea Johnson, Wednesday at Noon
~Discussing relationships, struggles and life experiences with special guests.

Cedarail It’s All About the Music
- Wendy Bellan and David Hayes,Wednesday at 7:00pm
~Hosted by local musicians David Hayes and Wendy Bellan (Cedarail together), features a mixture of shows which deal with the music and lives of area singer/songwriters or the lives and music of icons from the 50’s to the present as well as a little humour and words of wisdom! The music of the show covers many genres including country, folk, Americana/roots, rockabilly and rock and roll. Please tune in Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm for the fun!!

UweMeyer Classic Country
Uwe Meyer, Wednesday at 8:00pm

DavidLong Uncle Charlie’s Cosmic Circus - David Long,Wednesday at 9:00pm
~Mellowly hilarious (and hilariously mellow) show hosted by tireless Mr. Long, featuring laid-back music reminiscent of funk, jam-band, and hip-hop subgenres and interspersed with clips of stand-up comedy and relevant “bits.”

ChefsCorner Chef’s Corner
- Chef Michelle and Chef Michael,Thursday at 10:00am
~Connecting Northumberland and the Kawartha area to culinary, hospitality, farming and tourism industry. Weekly we will have featured guest, as well as bring you information on cooking and recipes to try yourself; and of course music related to food.

DaleBryantReality Realty
- Dale Bryant, Thursday at 11:00am
~ Live, local and informative; Reality Realty is your real estate show where cohosts Dale Bryant, Real Estate Broker and Dave Smith, Certified Home Inspector, take on, talk about and interview guests on all things real estate with a direct focus on Northumberland County and the communities within in. Listen in to know the real estate market conditions in Northumberland County, the current mortgage rates, you’ll receive helpful tips on maintaining and increasing the value of the investment you call “home”, you’ll learn how to prepare your home for a home inspection and much more.

JanSpragge Jan Spragge Show
– Jan Spragge, Thursday at noon
~Personal interest show featuring exclusive guests ranging from musicians, with an emphasis on homegrown Canadian talent. In addition, Jan offers the occasional show filled with ‘songs by request’ – playing your favourite songs through the years, and introducing you to the up-and-coming artists of tomorrow. Jan Spragge is the perfect lunch hour companion, bringing enthusiasm and warmth to everything she presents. Her curiosity and passion for all kinds of people set the mood for this delightful show.

CollinWhitehouse Deconstructing X
– Collin Whitehouse, Thursday at 7:00pm
~The musical story of a generation. Each week Collin looks at the events that shaped the music and the music that shaped the events of Generation X.

DarylSeminsky The Retro Lounge – Darryl Seminsky, Thursday at 9:00pm
~Playing all of your favourite 80’s and 90’s music, soundtracks and novelty songs. The soundtrack to your youth.

weekinreview Week In Review – Friday at 12:00pm
~Investigates and dissects the weekly goings-on in Northumberland County, mostly political/Council related in both Cobourg and Port Hope. Two- or three-person discussions.

JordanApplemanThe Core
- Jordan Appleman,Friday at 1:00pm
~The show for you to listen to so you can have fun and relax on a Friday afternoon.

Early Morning Show -Jodi Losee, Saturday at 7:00am

capsize Capsize
- 'The Traveller', Friday at 10:00pm
~Breathing life back into Friday nights with danceable music and stories from around the world.

JonHolland Saturday Morning with Jon Holland
- Jon and Cody Holland, Saturday at 9:00am
~Jon and Cody get you ready for your weekend with all that’s going on in Northumberland. They play some of the best songs ever made interspersed with easy going conversation.

JohnBarrSuper Terrific Happy Fun Hour
- John Barr, Saturday at 1:00pm
~College-radio type show with music primarily from the late-‘70s/early-‘80s punk/post-punk/new wave scene (i.e. the Clash, R.E.M., Blondie, Cyndi Lauper, etc.).

Pop Confabulorium-Nathan Wisnicki and Aaron Peacock, Saturday at 3:00pm

Phantom Jukebox
- Jerry Plante,Saturday at 6:00pm
~Join Jerry for an exploration of ‘60s psychedelia, classic country-rock, and other eclecticism.

History of Rock and Roll Saturday at 7:00pm

PeteHamilton The Mystic - Pete Hamilton,Saturday at 9:00pm
~DJ-esque mix (with breaks) of obscure/underground cult hits, many drawing on the first-wave punk scene and its electronic brethren.

Tomorrow Tonight - Pat Quigley, Sunday at Midnight
~A late night radio show featuring a different guest co-host who talk about interesting topics, play games, listen to some music and ask some important questions.

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